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Proven COVID Vaccine Lies - In Their Words

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Vaccine More Dangerous Than COVID
Dr. Peter McCullough

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A Pathologist Summary Of What These Jabs
Do To The Brain And Other Organs

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Interview with Dr. Mercola, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. exposes the real Anthony Fauci


Whistleblowers Inside CDC Claim Injections
Have Already Killed 50,000 Americans

COVID 19 Roundtable

14 of the world's highest-profile doctors discuss
the dangers we all face from COVID 19 pandemic

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Dr. Peter McCullough - 6/30/21
4 of 5 Pregnant Vax'd Women's Babies Are Dead

Dr. Peter McCullough - This video is all you need

to know about the entire pandemic and "vaccine"

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Dr. Peter McCullough - 6/18/21

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Robert R. Kennedy Jr on genocidal crimes of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates

Judy Mikovits on GrahamLedger.com

"The Spike Protein Is The Disease Causing Agent"

The Truth About Anthony Fauci - Told By Judy Mikovits

Has America Had Enough Of This Guy?

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Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Robert O. Young talk with Kerry Cassidy about the COVID AGENDA, and what is being kept from the public. 

  - The history of the HIV scam and Anthony Fauci's role

  - The risks of taking the Flu vaccine if you've had the COVID shot

  - Toxic contaminants in vaccines - a systemic poisoning of the human race

  - Concoctions in the shot do not exist in nature - they are laboratory creations

  - The PCR tests were used to infect with toxic contaminants - intentional poisoning

  - Carbon nano-fibers and worms discovered in the masks

  - When you inject you bypass the innate immune system which is there to protect you


The Vaccinated Are The Super Spreaders

70% will be hospitalized or die in the Fall

Dr. Byram Bridle: New Peer Reviewed Study - Spike Protein

AlmostEntirely Responsible For Cardiovascular Damage

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8 Ways the Shot Will Kill People

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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Plandemic 2: Indoctornation

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Dr. Lee Merritt - 4/21/21

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#1 Pro-Vaccine Dr. Says Stop This Vaccine

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Jason Shurka interviews Dr. Lawrence Palevsky

Dr. Simone Gold on FrankSpeech.com

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on FrankSpeech.com

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Leigh Dundas/Vaccinating Children

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Bill Gates Agenda Exposed

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The Plan To Control The World

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Some People Are Really This Stupid

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Doctors Worldwide Warn On Vaccines

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Vaccines Introduced AFTER Disease Was Greatly Reduced or Controlled

- We Have Been Lied To -

Bill Gates Wants To Eliminate 1 Billion People From The Planet By Doing "A Really Great Job" With Vaccines & Abortion - HIS WORDS

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There now is evidence that vaccinated people, beyond their own increased miscarriages (up 336%) are a health threat to unvaccinated people. Vaccinated people may be spreading the Spike Protein, through breath and saliva, which is causing miscarriages in unvaccinated women, and menstruation issues before and after menopause. Doctors are beginning to only treat vaccinated patients through tele-medicine.

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Stay Away.png
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Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

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Dr. Vernon Coleman

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Dr Carrie Madej